Weight LossBWLW’s December Self-Care Challenge | Black Weight Loss Success

BWLW’s December Self-Care Challenge | Black Weight Loss Success

Join us December 1-21 in our Facebook Group for our 21 Day Self-Care Challenge. Check In Daily at 7 pm EST and share your insights for the day. We want to hear about how you are lessening your stress and focusing on your own needs. You’ll find this month’s printable tracking calendar below (PDF file).

If you’d like to join our FB group, please answer all the new member questions.

Want to address your eating habits in December? This journey is not about only eating healthy food or being “perfect” with your eating habits. It’s about cutting back on food that will not help you reach your goals – junk food, soda, processed foods, sugary foods, etc. Focus on eating whole, healthy foods at least 80% of the time. You’ll have a better chance of seeing results on the scale, and you’ll have more energy during your workouts if you fuel your body with healthy food. If you’d like to learn more about Clean Eating, read our helpful E-Book, “Clean Eating for Wellness and Weight Loss”.

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This month’s daily tasks

  1. Make a playlist of your favorite uplifting songs. We’re talking inspirational, spiritual, high energy, positive emotion-evoking, etc.
  2. Do some yoga. You’ll find some great free routines on YouTube. Yoga is excellent for mental and physical relaxation and relieving tension.
  3. Make a gratitude list. Jot down at least ten things you’re grateful for. Consider making your list a graphic that you can save on your phone or use as a screensaver. (Canva is a free app you can use to do this.)
  4. Start reading a work of fiction that will help you relax. Reread something you already have or buy something new.
  5. Take the time to write down a prayer for yourself. What do you need? What are you prayerful for/about?
  6. Call someone who enhances your life. This weekend is a great time to have a meaningful conversation and check in.
  7. Watch your favorite positive or uplifting movie.
  8. List five ways you can make food less stressful. (i.e., Planning meals in advance. Dealing with your food triggers. Reducing your intake of stimulants like caffeine.)
  9. Take a relaxing bath. It’s time for relaxing music, candles, a bath bomb, your favorite bubble bath, etc. Make it special.
  10. Have a totally social media-free day. (Or cut back as much as possible. You DON’T have to check in on our FB group today.
  11. Do 30 minutes of low-impact exercise—examples: Walking, yoga, dancing, swimming, and pilates.
  12. Clean out your inbox and unsubscribe from anything that is just causing clutter in your inbox.
  13. De-stress your feet. Examples: Get a pedicure or give yourself one. Make a warm foot bath. Use a food mask.
  14. De-clutter one area of your home that is stressing you out. Perhaps 
  15. Cook your favorite meal. Take time to prepare it and put love into it.
  16. Make a list of your stress triggers. What is stressing you out? Then, make a list of ways you can counter or remove these triggers. 
  17. Wear something that makes you truly feel beautiful. 
  18. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Go to bed early if you need to.
  19. Listen to a helpful podcast about a topic that will help you have less stress and less drama in your life. 
  20. Watch your favorite comedy and laugh. Laughing can reduce stress.
  21. Sip tea and relax for at least 15 minutes. No TV and no devices. Tune out and focus on yourself.

Print out our December calendar and join us – Get the PDF File
Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us why you are joining the challenge.

BWLW's December 2021 Calendar

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