Weight LossBWLW’s 21-Day Accountability Challenge – Nov 2021

BWLW’s 21-Day Accountability Challenge – Nov 2021

Let’s keep each other accountable in November! Join our 21-Day Accountability Challenge
November 1-21, 2021

Goals for November

Track your progress with this month’s calendar (you’ll find the download link below). Circle the letter associated with the task you’ve completed.

  • E – Exercise for 30 minutes or more per workout. Your choice of an exercise routine because we want to make this challenge as flexible as possible. No excuses.
  • W – Drink at least 64 oz of water each day. If you drink much more than that or much less due to medical limitations (due to kidney issues or other ailments), that’s fine. Do what works for you.
  • S – Avoid added sugar. That means processed sugar, refined sugar, corn syrup, etc. (Naturally occurring sugars are ok. Do what works best for you in terms of carb intake.)
  • L – Avoid eating after 8 pm/avoid late night eating. (Or… Stop eating at least 2 hours before bedtime.) 

Be accountable: Share your daily workouts and meals in our Facebook group and with the hashtag: #BWLWNov on your social media accounts. Check-in nightly in our Facebook group or Instagram at 6:30 EST. Leave a comment under the daily post and tell which of the 4 tasks you completed. 

REMINDER: Do what works for YOU! Working out five days a week is a great goal. However, if you can only work out for 2-3 days a week, commit to that. YOU know your level of fitness. We don’t want anyone to hurt themselves or risk injury just to reach a specific goal. Again, it’s very important that you choose a workout routine that fits your current fitness level.

Clean Eating Guide E-book

Want to take your efforts to the next level this month? Commit to eating clean. It’s not about only eating healthy food or being “perfect” with your eating habits. It’s about cutting back on junk food, soda, processed foods, sugary foods, etc., and eating whole, healthy foods 80% of the time (or more). You’ll have a better chance of seeing results on the scale, and you’ll have more energy during your workouts if you fuel your body with healthy food. If you’d like to learn more about Clean Eating, read our helpful E-Book, “Clean Eating for Wellness and Weight Loss”.

Print out the November Tracking Calendar [PDF]November Calendar image

How can you join us? It’s simple. No signup is required.

1. Print out the Tracking Calendar (PDF file).

2. Check-in Nightly on Instagram or our Facebook group.

3. Use the challenge hashtag: #BWLWNov when you post workout selfies, progress photos, food photos, etc.

Leave a comment below and tell us why you are joining the challenge.

Disclaimer: Before starting any exercise program or diet, please consult with your doctor. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries resulting from attempting this exercise routine. If you have injuries that could be worsened, are pregnant, have knee issues, or are suffering neck and back pain, you should speak with a professional trainer about what workouts would be best for you. Do not attempt if you have current injuries, past surgeries, or other physical issues/health issues that could be affected by exercise. Don’t forget to stretch before and after working out to avoid injuries.  If you feel pain or severe discomfort, stop.

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