Weight Loss30 Prayer Journal Prompts 

30 Prayer Journal Prompts 

Do you journal your prayers? Are there times you get stuck and need a word or two to help lead you? Take a look at these 30 prayer journal prompts.

Prayer journaling is a great way to grow in your personal relationship with God. There are different ways that you can incorporate prayer into your life, and one of those ways is through journaling. 

30 Prayer Journal Prompts 

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1. What are you grateful for today?

There is so much that we can be grateful for, especially for God and His kindness. The difficulties of life can sometimes drown out the blessings in our lives, and reminding ourselves of what we are grateful for helps us to remain trusting and hopeful. 

2. What is something you struggled with today?

We all struggle with different issues, no matter what your personal struggles are, you can bring them to God in prayer. Writing down your current struggles is a way to see how God has worked in your life and seek His wisdom in those tough times. 

3. How did you overcome a challenge today?

It’s not always easy to overcome challenges, but when you do, there is reason to praise and shout. In Christ, we have the ultimate victory, and small victories in our day-to-day lives are a reminder of that. 

4. In which ways did you rely on God today?

How many times have we tried to go through the day without relying on God? When you’re prayer journaling, there is a greater opportunity to be intentional in the way you rely on God, and it helps you to be decisive about the ways you’ll rely on God beforehand. 

5. What sin have you been struggling with recently?

God calls us to confess our sins to Him, in which ways have you struggled with sin, and are there particular sins that have been especially difficult for you to overcome? Ask God for His strength to turn away from them. 

6. How have you grown recently?

In Christ, we are ever-growing inwardly, even though our outer bodies are diminishing over time. How have you seen yourself grow recently? In which ways has your character grown, or what qualities have you seen change in yourself?

7. What scriptures have encouraged you lately?

God has given us His word, and it serves various purposes in our lives, including being an encouragement. What verse or passage in scripture has been an encouragement to you recently?

8. How have you been convicted by the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the one who convicts us of sin and helps us to live lives that are pleasing to God. How have you experienced the Holy Spirit’s conviction in your life? Which areas, attitudes or behaviors has He been challenging you on?

9. What is a recent blessing in your life?

We are blessed beyond measure because of the love of Christ in God. How have you seen God work in your life recently, and what has been a blessing to you?

10. What trial are you facing?

Trials are a guaranteed part of life. Sometimes we face trials that endure for a moment, other times our trials may feel as though they are endless. What trial are you facing today, and how does God call you to respond to that trial?

11. In which areas of your life are you struggling to be content?

It’s not always easy to feel content with a world that is often filled with highlight reels, and endless content to compare our lives to. Sometimes we need to take a moment to ourselves and see which ways we have felt discontent and ask for God to fill us with contentment, and keep us from comparison. 

12. How can you show love and kindness to someone today?

A part of the fruit of the Spirit that we are called to express is kindness and love. How can you show intentional kindness and love to someone today, whether that is your friend, spouse, family member or a stranger?

13. How can you turn to God during times of difficulty?

What have you turned to and relied on whenever times are difficult in your life? How can you turn to God instead, and bring those difficulties to Him in prayer, asking for His strength, and a greater reliance on Him?

14. What is a Bible verse that speaks to you today?

Is there a certain Bible verse that you have read today that has stood out for you? What did it say and how is it challenging, convicting, equipping or encouraging you today? 

15. How can you practice forgiveness?

We all have experienced hurt in our lives, in the same way that we have been on the other end of someone else’s hurt. Is there anyone that you haven’t forgiven in your life, how can you practice forgiveness towards them?

16. What is a recently answered prayer?

We pray to a living God, and we are so fortunate to have a personal relationship with Him. Sometimes we need a reminder that God hears us, and that He is working out all things for His glory and our good. We can see this especially through answered prayers. How has God answered a prayer of yours?

17. How can you use your talents and gifts to serve others?

God has given us all talents to serve one another. How can you use the gifts and talents that He gave you to serve others? Whether this is in the church, at home, at work, or anywhere else. How can you bless others through the gifts He gave you?

18. What is a goal you are working towards?

It’s good to have goals in life and to ask God to direct those goals according to His will. What are some goals that you are working on right now, or that you would like to accomplish?

19. How can you seek God’s guidance in your decisions?

Life is filled with different decisions. We make tons of decisions daily, some smaller than others, while some are life-altering. What decisions do you need to make and how can you be more intentional in asking for God’s guidance in the decisions that need to be made?

20. What is a recent lesson you have learned?

Is there anything that God has taught you recently? Maybe there is something that life experience has taught you, or that someone else has taught you, what lessons have you found valuable to learn recently?

21. How can you prioritize time with God in your daily routine?

As soon as the alarm goes off, our minds are often bombarded with all the tasks and responsibilities that lie ahead in the day. It can be easy to prioritize everything else and set time with God aside. In which ways can you prioritize your time with God better? Does it include waking up earlier? Spending less time on entertainment? 

22. How can you overcome feelings of anxiety or worry?

If you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety or worry, there are usually certain things in your life that are causing these feelings to arise. Scripture tells us to bring all things in prayer to God, through prayer journaling, you can write out the things that are troubling you and ask God to fill you with His peace.

23. What is a way you can be more patient with others?

It’s not always easy to show patience towards others, especially when you feel as though you have been patient for a while. Are you often quick to react, or become frustrated with others? In which ways and towards which people in your life can you be more patient?

24. How can you practice humility?

Humility is a quality that God calls us to live out. We know that God exalts the humble but opposes the proud, in which ways have you been proud, and need to repent? How can you practice humility in those situations instead?

25. What is a way you can show gratitude to someone today?

How often do we take the time to say thank you to someone for their service, time, friendship, patience, or work that they have done, just to name a few examples? Is there someone that you can show gratitude to today who you haven’t yet expressed it to?

26. How can you deepen your relationship with God?

Has your relationship with God felt surface leveled recently? In which ways can you deepen your relationship with God, and be more intentional in your time with Him? Is that through regular prayer, diligent Bible study, repenting from sin, or showing more gratitude?

27. What is a recent act of kindness you witnessed?

It is always encouraging to see kindness between people. Have you seen an act of kindness today that restored your hope, and helped you to see the humanity in others? What happened, and how did it affect you and those involved?

28. How can you show grace to someone who has wronged you?

It can be hard to show grace to someone who has caused you hurt. Is there anyone in your life that has wronged you, who you haven’t forgiven or shown grace towards? How can you extend the grace that God has given you to them?

29. What is a way you can live out your faith in your daily life?

As Christians, our faith stretches far beyond simply identifying with Christ. We are called to live and look like Christ, how can you be an example of Christ in your daily life?

30. How can you trust in God’s plan for your life?

We all make our own plans and often hold onto them tightly with a closed fist. This often leads to disappointment because we expect life to look a certain way, but our plans are not God’s plans. His plans are much greater, and no matter how far removed they are from our plans, God is good and wise, and we can trust Him with our lives. In which ways do you need to trust God today

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