Health Care8 Best Shoes for Tennis for Women (Expert-Recommended) 2023

8 Best Shoes for Tennis for Women (Expert-Recommended) 2023

For most of us, investing in a new pair of shoes means we want three things: functionality, style, and durability. No one likes spending ages choosing the perfect pair only to make it through a few months of wear at most. The New Balance Coco CG1 are crafted to be equal parts durable and stylish, with support to help prevent injuries as you take on opponents on the court. This pair contains FuelCell foam, which helps drive you forward with a propulsive feel. It also has an energy arc to deliver a higher energy return, and a special saddle gore band for additional support during those harsh-to-your-body lateral movements common in tennis.

For the avid player, the Coco CG1 has a unique toe guard and rubber outsole technology so you get the most mileage out of your new tennis shoes. And with a design inspired by basketball silhouettes and ‘90s aesthetics, you’ll feel your best on the court, too—and confidence is the first step to winning.

Material and need-to-know specs: FuelCell foam, Energy Arc plate geometry with strategic midsole voids, saddle gore band, NDure toe guard, NDurance rubber outsole technology

Sizes available: 5.5-16.5 (and wide sizing available)

Color options: Sea salt with tobacco


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