Tai ChiYou are Invited to our First Strala Hangs!

You are Invited to our First Strala Hangs!

We’ve been wanting and chatting about this for a while, so we’re just going to dive in. You’re invited to our first of many (hopefully) Strala Hangs! We will met up on zoom (hope to add this kind of thing to in person soon as well) to chat about Strala Reads, yoga, how you are feeling, and anything else that comes up.

We’ll be at this link Thursday, Feb 23 at 10am EST.

Your hosts are myself and longtime Strala Guide, friend to so many of you, and fellow book lover, among many other things, Rae Broderick.

Cameras on or off, your call, but come as you are. We will have an ease-full time and we’ll share the video here on stralahome after for anyone who can’t make this one.

Let’s kick this off!

Strala Hangs – kick off session

Thursday, Feb 23, 10am EST

Join here

In the meantime and always, thank you for practicing with us at Strala Home

If you’re not already a member you can start your 7 Day FREE trial now. If you need any extra help you can always reach us at info@stralayoga.com

big hugs,


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