Tai ChiWoman Documents Her Tai Chi Practice During Pregnancy

Woman Documents Her Tai Chi Practice During Pregnancy

A wonderful video we came across from YouTube user Misscatanna of a woman documenting her practicing Tai Chi for each month that she was pregnant. She filmed short video clips of her practicing Tai Chi each month. As the video progresses, we see in each clip, a larger “baby bump” than the previous clip. At the very end of the video is a wonderful surprise!

Practicing Tai Chi while being pregnant is perfectly safe. For the mother to be, it is both relaxing and strengthening for both the body and mind. The movements will have to be modified as the pregnancy develops to suit the individual needs of the practitioner. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting to learn Tai Chi while being pregnant, and find a quality Tai Chi instructor to help guide you

Below is a DVD about Tai Chi for the expecting mother . Click on the image to see more!

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