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Walking Wisdom – Faulk TaiChi

Most of us walk every day if we are able-bodied. We go from room to room in our house or apartment, take the dog for a walk and may walk to the grocery store or bus stop if we live in the middle of a large city. And some of us intentionally go for a long walk, to get in our 10,000 steps, to feel the fresh air, to physically feel better with intentional physical activity.

The thing is though, we tend to be oblivious about our walking because we’re thinking about something else. Our minds keep working on to-do lists, making an afternoon appointment, deciding what to fix for dinner this evening.

What am I thinking about when I’m walking? We need to think about walking when we’re walking.

We practice walking in every Tai Chi class. The key is to keep focusing on our leg that has 100% of our weight on it, feeling rooted like a tree. Then we pick up our other leg/foot and place the heel down and shift our weight to the center of the foot.

At this time of year when walks and streets may be wet and slippery, intentional Tai Chi walking can help our balance and prevent falls. Pay attention and be present when walking, in your home and when out for exercise and fresh air.

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