Tai ChiStrala Community Day, September 30, 2023 with Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke

Strala Community Day, September 30, 2023 with Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke

What: Intensive Strala Yoga Teacher Training with Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke.

Where: TreeHouse Bavaria in the Allgäu

When: September 30, 2023

Training Cost: 119 euros. You can click here to register.


This day is fully dedicated to the WE – the WE of the community. 

Our drive is to cultivate communities that create a feeling of welcome with great openness for everyone. Whether this community calls itself a community, circle, tribe, gang, clique, sangha or something else: WE come together to learn the big things again on a small scale. It’s about experiencing community on and off the mat. In addition to the yoga and meditation practice, this day gives space for exchange in the community, joy in reunion or getting to know each other and experiencing a day with like-minded people. 

Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke invite you to this day of community – our first Community Day – which grew out of your desire for more connection from our training, workshops and education.

With the knowledge that what is special and valuable only arises through our differences and peculiarities, we design a space that is inclusive and in which everyone finds their place.

Anna and Julia accompany you through the day, which is shaped by other guides and initiators. In addition to Strala Yoga, meditation and mindfulness units, there is room for exchange and being together. 

The official program takes place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Depending on the weather, there is the option of ending the day with a campfire. During the day we will be provided with a joint lunch as well as snacks and tea. 



The training takes place in the TreeHouse Bavaria in the Allgäu. The TreeHouse is a place where people come together to develop projects, forge concepts and create something new together.

According to the principle “leave a foot print that matters”, holistic thinking is practiced here.

Artists such as musicians, dancers and writers, actors but also scientists and users of alternative healing methods and mindfulness teachers create, live and experience together here. The essence of the place lies in the interdisciplinary exchange. It is also a place where people can bring or practice awareness into their lives. Through the practice of meditation, bodywork, healthy eating and permaculture, attentive awareness is raised.

The training will take place in the spacious studio of the owner and artist Maximilian Magnus. During the breaks, the spacious garden and an adjacent forest can be used for walks and fresh air, and there are cozy islands of tranquility in the studio to relax inside.


The 200h is led by Anna Rampf and Julia Kupke. This team is occasionally supplemented by other guest lecturers and guides.

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