Tai ChiQigong, open up 12 channels

Qigong, open up 12 channels

Specific exercise improve symptoms, daily full-body exercises remove root causes.

1. Open the heart meridians, relieve chest tightness and palpitation.
2. Boosts kidney energy, keeps you energized.
3. Relieve shoulder and neck fatigue, tension and pain.
18-36 times every morning

This is a full-body exercise that increases leg and back strength and improves shoulder, neck and arm flexibility. The energy of the kidneys is stored in the lower body, and when we increase the strength of the lower body, the energy of the kidneys also increases. Through the rotation and stretching of the arm, you can stimulate the heart and lung meridians, dredging the circulation of energy.

This is also a good Qigong, through physical movements, open the energy flow of the Sanjiao meridians, make the communication between the internal organs more smooth, eliminate excess water, eliminate edema.

Practice for a few minutes every day and you will feel relaxed and happy, which is good for sleep and bowel movement.


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