Tai ChiNew Green Leaves Spring Forth

New Green Leaves Spring Forth

I absolutely love the first warm days of spring time when the green buds, turn into leaves on the trees and the light green color fills in all that space between the branches. It’s a predictable wonder of nature that new life has sprung forth.

Chicago tree showing its new leaves

I remind my students to pay attention, to feel the energy of the tree bringing up earth energy and moisture through the trunk, branches and then flower into beautiful green. This is the essence of Tai Chi — we root our feet into the earth, bring up the energy, which moves through the legs, is commanded by the waist and hips, moves up through the arms and flowers and the hands and fingers. In every class, I begin with our standing in hip-width distance and visualize a tree. We are the tree, moving with the natural rhythms and harmony of nature.

bringing up tree energy
Bringing up earth energy like a tree

Be mindful of the glorious trees right now. Don’t just walk by. Stop, admire and maybe even say thank you for new life and possibilities.

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