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keep it simple – Faulk TaiChi

How much stress do you feel these days? I hear that word daily from so many people. Some of it is financial with high gas prices and inflation, some from care-giving of a sick or aging relative, some from high expectations we have for ourselves and we fall short. We each deal with our own personal challenges, but it seems we are faced with a broader fear and concern about our personal safety. Most days we hear or read a story on the news that scares us and makes us think “that could be me.”

How do we calm our nervous system? By being kind, lending a hand, think of and doing for others. And to get grounded, I find it so helpful to focus on the simple things — a floating cloud

colorful flowers

a mesmerizing seahorse

When we stop, look at something in nature, even a lightning bug, we focus on the now, on the simple. That’s good medicine.

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