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In the Moment – Faulk TaiChi

I love an “a-ha”, that special moment when we have a new idea, a realization, a discovery that captivates us so much it becomes a conscious glimpse of joy. That happened to one of my brand new Tai Chi students last week. After his first ever Tai Chi class, he was at the Botanic Gardens when his focus zeroed in on his walking. He said he was walking fast, not paying attention to the trees and beautiful flowers, then stopped. He paid attention to where he was standing and how he was walking, slowed down and really started to enjoy where he was. He stopped to look at the brilliant red and orange flowers.

A longer-term student of mine regularly practices Tai Chi movements on her own. She has incorporated the flowing movements and weight-shifting into her day. She commented this week on what Tai Chi means to her:

“I love your Tai Chi classes! I have learned much about Tai Chi and my mind and body connections when I practice it. I have also learned how much Tai Chi can allow me to be mindful and in the present moment. These are the things I practice and experience every day. They are a joy and a blessing.”

A joy and a blessing. Tai Chi brings us that by putting us in the moment to enjoy where we are right now.

Arlene Faulk teaching Tai Chi

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