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I Love Trees | Faulk TaiChi


I love trees, at any time of the year but particularly in the spring season. Trees remind us of the renewal and hope in life as bare limbs begin  to reveal buds and leaves. It’s happening now, the bright green new leaves make us stop and pay attention. These trees teach us to be flexible when the wind blows; stand  upright and be strong; be patient and steady in doing your work, drink water.


My Tai Chi experience is deeply connected to trees  — rooting into the earth, bringing up earth energy . The Tai Chi Classics state that Tai Chi is rooted in the feet, transfers up through the legs, is commanded by the waist and flowers in the hands. I like to visualize my hands as the new leaves coming out in the spring. The energy is light, refreshing and purposeful. All of us can take advantage of nature, taking time to notice the new leaves and blossoms, marvel at the trees doing their thing as the temperatures warm and light during the day lengthens.

This week I’m intentionally taking slow walks, to move my body and also to stop by my city  trees, watch them do their magic, feel their energy. My hope is for all of us to take some time to pay attention and be grateful for the trees. When you’re looking at the tree, what do you notice? What do you feel?


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