Tai ChiHappy and Hopeful - Faulk TaiChi

Happy and Hopeful – Faulk TaiChi

Music stirs emotions. So do Joffrey dance performances and Monet’s art for me. They take me to a place of pleasure and happiness. That happened this week when this photo appeared on my social media.

Bamboo forest, – San Diego Zoo Safari Park

I’m drawn in to the energy of this place. Bamboo, one of the most renewable plants on earth. Bamboo is flexible, durable, versatile, graceful and has many purposes. I love staring at the pole-like stems, the beautiful leaves that are the subject of ancient art. Plus, the forest is quiet, reverent. The sun beam shining through creates shadows and highlights the various hews of green.

I want to linger here, breathe, take in the beauty of it all and be still. I invite you to do the same. The forest speaks to us, brings calm. And, it makes me happy and hopeful.

Many thanks, Megan for sharing this. You captured a special moment in a special place.

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