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Earth Energy – Faulk TaiChi

Weather has been volatile lately across the U.S., snow in Southern California, violent storms in the plains, record heat waves in the southeast. Mother Nature is saying pay attention to me. Take care of me. You need me.

We do pay attention in Tai Chi, bringing attention, then intention to how we’re standing, where our weight is, how we are connecting with the earth. We visualize standing on rich soil, with roots moving from the bottom of our feet deep into the earth. This “rooting” gives us stability, helps us bring up earth energy to nourish and invigorate us. Think about a tree, actively working right now to bring up energy throughout is trunk, getting ready to blossom with new buds and leaves.

The trees look bare, like nothing is happening, when in fact, a lot is happening. The Tai Chi classics state that with Tai Chi, energy comes up from the earth through the bottom of the feet, travels through the legs, is commanded by the waist, moves through arms and blossoms in the hands. We’re like the tree. The new leaves are the result of a coordinated effort from the tree, all parts working together. Just like the tree, our body is unified, working as a unit so our limbs are part of the whole, not working on their own.

Earth energy gives us life, sustains and nourishes us. Next time you look at a tree, say “thank you.”

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