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Dr Paul Lam | Tai Chi Workshop and Tour | China | 2014

I wanted to do something very special, something I have never done before. This two week adventure will start with a five day intensive tai chi workshop, follow by a special tour of the most beautiful tea mountain in china, the Wu Yi Shan and an ancient city, Chowzhou near my village where I grew up. I will also take you to my home and introduce you to my Chinese family.
The workshop will have a limited number of participants with similar level of tai chi so that I can be working with everyone personally. We would be exploring the ultimate purpose of tai chi, the qi or internal energy. I will share my 39 years of tai chi experience, how to climb to top of the tai chi mountain in the most enjoyable and efficient way. tai chi is not just an exercise, it is an art, and it is part of Chinese culture, training in China, breathing the air, among the Chinese people and culture, experience the wide variety of Chinese food all contribute to deeper understanding of tai chi.
Tai chi is also nature, at the tour, we will practice every morning. Climbing up the magnificent mountain, breathing the fresh air, experience the ancient Chowzhou’s culture enhance our tai chi development from different ways! I was very excited about this experience, and I could see you were too.
Putting this video together took me many hours of work – it brings back those wonderful times! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



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