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A-Ha Moments – Faulk TaiChi

Have you learned something new lately? You might be thinking about a news story, a discovery in space, a moment in history that you never knew about. The new information was enlightening. What about learning something new about your breathing, how you’re standing and walking? We sit, stand, walk, if we’re physically able, every day and it’s rare to think about it when we’re doing it. That’s where Tai Chi comes in to help focus our attention on these things, bring us to the moment. We learn new things and even big things. “I’m realizing I lock my knees:, “I walk on the outside of my feet”, “I hold my breath and don’t know it,” are comments I’ve heard recently from new Tai Chi students.

Heartwood Beginners Tai Chi Class

Many Tai Chi students have what I call “a-ha” moments, a new conscious awareness of how they move their body. It’s brings attention, then intention to standing and moving with sound body mechanics that promotes more effective and efficient movement. Plus, students start to feel better, when they know what it feels like to be in healthy alignment.

A student told me this week that she was frustrated when she wasn’t sure whether to move her left or right arm. With my gentle urging to let go and do what you can, she felt a sense of relief. She said she felt permission to keep moving and not think about it so much. With that realization, she started to relax and keep moving. Her body felt lighter and her mind stopped judging herself.

That’s a big “a-ha”. Stop self-judgment. Stop trying for perfection. Let go of the “shoulds”. In good body alignment, keep moving your energy and remember to breathe. Good for each of us, even now –remember to breathe.

Tai Chi students moving their energy

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