Tai ChiA Big Milestone - Faulk TaiChi

A Big Milestone – Faulk TaiChi

If you have tried your hand at writing, you know it takes focus and discipline to sit down and actually put words on a page. When I was a Journalism student in college, I wrote articles for university newspaper. We covered the latest events, then wrote and rushed to meet a deadline. Since my experience in college was in the midst of major protests against the Vietnam War, we always had more to write about than could be published. It was sometimes a challenge to be objective because we agreed with the students.

Writing a book is a different matter. Often it is an individual endeavor and the author needs to be self-motivated and disciplined. I’ve heard authors talk about how they write every day at the same time, day after day. Others recall that it’s a challenge, in the midst of family obligations, a full-time job, it’s hard to carve out the time. I love hearing writers talk about their craft, their routines, their frustrations and victories. In part that’s because I’ve been in the process of writing a memoir for several years.


This week I achieved a major milestone. After several revisions my manuscript is at a point where I can start preparing to submit materials to publishers. What a milestone this is for me! However, yesterday I took a dip and was wondering who would want to read my book. I asked myself why my book would stand out as one that potential readers would gravitate towards. Today I’m motivated again.

I’m so grateful to be working with a professional writing coach who has not only provided wonderful guidance on my writing, but has also provided motivation and perspective that writing can be lonely, make the author question herself, All these things can be part of the writing process.

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So, I keep going forward, as I tell in my story, one step at a time. During this writing process I’ve relived some important moments in my life. I’ve been at that point when I couldn’t walk well, or at all. I was led to Tai Chi and that became the key factor in my practicing, then actually walking without fear of falling. To this day, I include Tai Chi walking in all my classes, because I know first-hand how important it is for balance, leg strength and reducing the fear of falling. I’m grateful.

A milestone this week and now new challenging work ahead. Stay tuned. More on my memoir will start to unfold.

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