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The COVID effect… | Simply Swim

The Olympic Games are here! It’s been one of the biggest international multi-sport events since the first games were first held in 1896. It inspires budding athletes to push themselves to the limit in hopes to one day have their chance to be an Olympian. Not only does the Olympic Games inspire the most avid of sports men and women, but it finds a way into the hearts of anyone watching.
The delay of the Olympic games highlights the impact of the past year. Like all of us, our Olympians have had setbacks in their training. With the pool closures since March 2020, there had been no regular swimming for anyone, including team GB.

Similarly, the impact of COVID-19 resulted in children having missed their school swimming lessons. They would have not only missed the opportunity to learn to swim, but missed out on crucial information received during their lessons regarding water safety.

With swimming being one of the biggest events in the Olympic Games we are feeling inspired to help you kickstart your swimming journey. Whether you’re an ardent swimmer, an occasional leisure swimmer, or a non-swimmer looking to learn a new skill; It’s more important than ever to get back into swimming.

Swimming is not only a great activity and hobby for those looking to improve their physical and mental well being, it’s also a fundamental skill that saves lives.

Have the Olympics inspired you to head back to the pool?
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