SwimmingSwim for your mind - Mental Health Week 2021

Swim for your mind – Mental Health Week 2021

Technology adds to the pressures of 21st-century living, leaving many of us exhausted and distracted. A majority of us spend the day in front of a screen, then return home and continue with the same pattern. Swimming is an incredible outlet for your emotions; if you’re looking for a way to relax, unwind and destress, then a trip to your local leisure centre may be in order.  Whether you’re a speedo demon or just enjoy a gentle swim, open your senses to the cool rippling water and the sound of splashing, and steady your breathing. 

Feeling a rush of positivity is very common after swimming. Swimming is proven to boost your endorphins, producing a feeling of happiness and an increased sense of accomplishment. It’s also a great way to increase socialisation. You can take a friend with you, or make new friends at the pool. Being able to build a bond with someone over shared activity is a great way to build a friendship and settle into your surroundings. Many pools have a community feel and are full of friendly faces who are happy to help guide other users. Why not dive into a conversation!Swimming, unlike many other forms of exercise, is a non-impact sport meaning it’s kind to your joints and an accessible option for anyone. A great form of exercise to increase your physical and mental wellbeing.Walk out of the pool with a smile on your face!

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