SwimmingOfficial Andrew Olson a Valuable Asset to Wisconsin Swimming

Official Andrew Olson a Valuable Asset to Wisconsin Swimming

Hasty Excellence Award: Official Andrew Olson a Valuable Asset to Wisconsin Swimming

Andrew Olson of Wisconsin Swimming has been an official for about nine years. He really elevated his commitment to officiating in 2018. Since then, he has obtained his LSC-level administrative official, starter and referee credentials, has obtained four N2-level certifications and one N3-level certification. Furthermore, he has officiated frequently outside his home LSC and has attended Futures, TYR and U.S. Open meets. He is also fully open water-certified.

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What is most impressive, however, is the number of sessions he works on the local level. He is not affiliated with a team, and he’s very committed to help small teams in the LSC so they can host meets. He does not limit himself to his home area or meets that his daughter attends. He travels the state, often together with his wife, who is also an official. To illustrate: In 2018, Andrew worked 108 sessions; in 2019, he worked 156 sessions; and in 2020, he worked 55 sessions, 21 of them prior to the shutdown due to COVID.

Andrew has also volunteered and filled the role as head chief judge, and a year later, as meet referee at the LSC Age Group Championship meet. He is always willing to help out at a meet in whatever position is needed. Furthermore, he is very eager in mentoring new officials. Andrew Olson is a real asset to the Wisconsin LSC and the sport of swimming.

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