SwimmingMichael Andrew Reflects on Back-to-Back Wins at TYR Pro Swim Series

Michael Andrew Reflects on Back-to-Back Wins at TYR Pro Swim Series

Michael Andrew and Dylan Carter are used to racing each other.

They race all over the world, and in a lot of different events, especially the 50s.

At the TYR Pro Swim Series stop in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, they couldn’t have been closer in the 100 butterfly.

Both swimmers got to the wall in exactly 23.33 to tie for the win.

“I knew Dylan was going to be quick. I think both of us are capable of going under 23 pretty easily. Fresh, I could have been there tonight, but we will save that for Chicago,” Michael Andrew said.

They friendly rivals have been racing together a lot lately, but get long and even hang out outside the pool.

“Dylan and I are homies. We were in Guadalajara last week for a meet. It is a fun way to start the season. The Mexican fans were amazing. They love swimming.”

For Carter, it was his second win of the meet after winning the 100 free on Thursday.

For Andrew, it was his second win of the night, coming just about 10 minutes after he won the 50 breaststroke.

“This morning, I knew the turnaround would be tighter. This is the way we train. I do a lot of short bursts back-to-back so I knew I could handle it,” Andrew said. “My biggest thing was how I was going to handle the details, so I went no-breath. My issue was that my quads were burning after the breaststroke. Coming off training altitude last week, I knew I could handle it. The fly was just everything I had left.”

Andrew won the breaststroke in 27.10 to hold off Nic Fink (27.29).

“Not a bad first half, but second half, I found my rhythm and finished nicely,” Michael Andrew said.

Andrew credits his change in training to helping his swimming progress after worlds.

“Coming off of worlds I was in a weird place where I wasn’t stoked with how I was swimming,” he said. “It took a little re-evaluation. The power is there, now it is taking what we are racing and being able to close – and use that power in the training. I moved in Encinitas from Coronado. I am with my friends and I get to surf. The lifestyle and culture is back what it used to be for me. I love Coronado but for me my community was in North County. That was good for my heart and my training environment.

“The Olympics is so close now it is terrifying – in a good way. We have to be consistent in what we are doing now.”

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