SwimmingMadi Wilson Reveals Benign Tumors, Aims to Return to Pool Soon

Madi Wilson Reveals Benign Tumors, Aims to Return to Pool Soon

Olympic gold medalist Madi Wilson opened up about being sidelined by health issues.

The Australian star wrote in response to people asking why she was not currently at camp with her fellow Dolphin swimmers. She revealed that she had four tumors found in her chest, which were fortunately benign. She has some more testing to go, but hopes to be back in the pool soon.

“UPDATE: I have a lot of messages coming through about why I’m not on camp currently with my Dolphins. I don’t need sympathy from this post it’s just an update. Over the past few months I’ve been dealing with two separate health matters. We found 4 tumours in my breast which we needed to take biopsies of and very thankfully these came back benign! Though this was probably one of the most scary things I’ve experienced in my life, I’ve learnt to appreciate so much more. The other is a working progress to do with my arms and my nerves which is a bit complex to go into too. The good news is that I’ve been able to train through it all and continue on with my goals, I’ll be back joining the camp after a few more scans on Tuesday. I’m so lucky to have the team I have around me who get me through and support me❤️ Cant wait to continue on with this year,” Madi Wilson wrote on Instagram.


Wilson, who earned a gold medal in Tokyo in the 400 free relay, had enjoyed a strong 2022, swimming well at the World Cup. She also anchored a short-course world record in the 200 free relay as Australia won at home at the 2022 World Short Course Championships.

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