SwimmingCoach James Gibson Visits Inside with Brett Hawke Podcast

Coach James Gibson Visits Inside with Brett Hawke Podcast

World-Renowned Coach James Gibson Visits Inside with Brett Hawke Podcast

Although we are nearing the end of 2022, the Inside with Brett Hawke Podcast is not easing to the finish. Rather, Hawke continues to churn out premier content, including a recent hour-plus interview with superstar coach James Gibson. The discussion between Hawke, a two-time Australian Olympian, and Gibson, a former world champion in the 50-meter breaststroke can be found here.

Gibson is regarded as one of the top coaches in the world, and his specific work with sprinters has been nothing short of sensational. During his career, which has included head-man status of Energy Standard of the International Swimming League, Gibson has mentored the likes of Florent Manaudou, Ben Proud and Sarah Sjostrom.

During his interview with Hawke, Gibson offers a look at some of the sets he has incorporated into his coaching and focused on techniques found in sprinting. Gibson and Hawke also discussed the possibility of a 22-second performance from a woman in the 50 freestyle.

Inside with Brett Hawke is regarded as the best podcast in the sport, with Hawke regularly interviewing top athletes. The interviews are routinely deep in content, thanks to Hawke’s strong questioning and ability to touch on topics that are intriguing to the viewer and elicit strong analysis from the guest.

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