SwimmingBob Bowman, Michael Bohl, Vince Raleigh Talk Training With Brett Hawke

Bob Bowman, Michael Bohl, Vince Raleigh Talk Training With Brett Hawke

Three Great Coaching Minds – Bob Bowman, Michael Bohl, Vince Raleigh – Discuss Training With Brett Hawke

What goes into writing a workout? How is training devised for individual athletes? These are questions that are routinely asked in the sport and can spark quality conversation. Well, an amped-up discussion on the topics unfolded on the Inside with Brett Hawke Podcast on Thursday, with three premier coaches leading the breakdown.

A two-time Olympian for Australia, Hawke welcomed American Bob Bowman and Australians Michael Bohl and Vince Raleigh to his successful podcast. Currently the head coach at Arizona State, Bowman is a future Hall of Fame inductee who, among many accolades, guided Michael Phelps to 28 Olympic medals. Bohl is a five-time Olympic coach for the Australian Dolphins, with Emma McKeon among his proteges, while Raleigh is the man behind the rise of Zac Stubblety-Cook to world-record status in the 200-meter breaststroke.

Typically, Hawke’s podcast feature one-on-one conversations with elite names in the sport. In this coaching-focused chat, which was aired live and is now available to rewatch, Hawke had the chance to tap into the minds of three men who rank among the best in the world at their jobs. The full interview is available by clicking here or visiting the link below.

The Inside with Brett Hawke Podcast is an official partner of Swimming World Magazine and the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

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