SwimmingBen Titley Discusses Training Sets Handled By Phenom Summer McIntosh

Ben Titley Discusses Training Sets Handled By Phenom Summer McIntosh

Coach Ben Titley Discusses Several Training Sets Handled By Phenom Summer McIntosh

At a time when Romanian teenager David Popovici is considered the next big star on the men’s scene, Canadian youngster Summer McIntosh holds that distinction among the women. The 15-year-old was superb in her Olympic debut in Tokyo, finishing fourth in the 400-meter freestyle, and recently made an impact for the Toronto Titans in the third season of International Swimming League competition.

The future for McIntosh seems unlimited and she has obviously benefited from the training she has done under coach Ben Titley, who heads the Swimming Canada High Performance Center in Ontario. When the next edition of the World Championships is held in May in Japan, McIntosh figures to contend for the podium in the 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle, and will also play a key role on the Canadian 800 freestyle relay. McIntosh also earned a fourth-place showing in Tokyo on the 800 freestyle relay, as Canada finished just shy of the medals.

In a recent episode of Inside With Brett Hawke, the sensational podcast hosted by the two-time Australian Olympian, Titley took a few moments to discuss McIntosh, her potential and some of the work she has done during training. Titley noted that he hasn’t yet been able to “break” the teen during practice, evidence of McIntosh’s combination of talent and willpower.

Here is a six-minute video in which Hawke and Titley discuss some of the work that McIntosh has handled during her climb to international phenom.


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