StrengthUnlocking strengths and acting on your purpose with Jamie Horn

Unlocking strengths and acting on your purpose with Jamie Horn

Jon, Shivani and Brandon sit down with fitness professional, entrepreneur and community leader Jamie Horn to talk about how she inspires people to be active by helping them discover their own potential. You will learn more about her passion for supporting so many levels of fitness including how she discovered a greater purpose for making room for people with adaptive needs. This one will have you ready to move and go after that idea you have been thinking about!

The Making Room podcast was launched prior to the increasing threat of the COVID-19 Delta variant. Our entire team is committed to the safety of all contributors to the podcast and we will continue to adjust and adapt as needed based on recommendations from the CDC and other state/local authorities. Before the most recent July 2021 CDC mask recommendations, our co-hosts made a conscious decision to remove masks while recording, paralleling what CDC and local officials deemed as a safe practice since all co-hosts have been vaccinated and we maintain distance in the low-traffic, studio environment. However, in mid July our co-hosts changed back to recording with masks once CDC mask recommendations changed with the dangers of the Delta variant. We hope that you all remain safe as we continue to navigate this public health crisis together.


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