StrengthTop 5 Tips To WIN More Tennis Matches

Top 5 Tips To WIN More Tennis Matches

Top 5 Tips To WIN More Tennis Matches
When it comes to tennis matches, we’re all looking for the edge. Often, we focus on the small things which don’t make a huge difference and neglect the major factors that determine the match outcome. Download our FREE Tactics guide here –
In this free tennis lesson, Coach Simon Konov of Top Tennis Training will share with you his top 5 tips to win more tennis matches. After a 10-year hiatus, Coach Simon recently competed in his first official tennis tournament and reached the final where he lost to an Iranian Davis Cup player.
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Top 5 Tips To WIN Tennis Matches
Here are the top five tips to help you win more tennis matches and tournaments.
Lesson Five:
Show up with a crystal-clear game plan. Know exactly how you want to construct points. This will form the foundation of your training routine.

Lesson Four:
Construct your training around the way you want to play and your game style. A net rusher shouldn’t be training the same way a grinder is training. Each player has their own strengths and weaknesses and if your training is generic then the progress will be slower than if you train specifically to you.

Lesson Three:
When it comes to matches, there is one method of fitness training that should form the bulk of your training. HIIT. I spent months running 4-5km a day and felt pretty good when doing so. But then in my first real match, I felt like I was going to die. After that match, I started using interval training on a daily basis and I felt better in one week. A few weeks in, and I’m feeling 30% faster and fitter on the court.

Lesson Two:
Take it day by day. That includes your tennis progress, your fitness, and your mindset. Everything.
Each day, do your best for that day. You can’t train at maximum intensity every single day, but you can do your best each day. Do this, and you’ll see massive gains after even a month.

Lesson One:
When it comes to winning matches, Consistency is king, and fitness is Queen. Being consistent is the foundation of any good player.


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