StrengthThe COMPLETE Calisthenics Hypertrophy Formula– Build Muscle with Calisthenics (Full Guide!)

The COMPLETE Calisthenics Hypertrophy Formula– Build Muscle with Calisthenics (Full Guide!)

The Captain Calisthenics Physique Program:

//To be clear, this is a calisthenics hypertrophy program. Skills are not included. It is only for those who want to build their best physique possible using bodyweight exercises.//

This video is definitely more theoretical and an overview rather than specifics; with a topic this massive, I can not cover everything. That is what my course is for.

▶️ Video Contents:
0:00 My Transformation
0:25 Fast-track your progress: My new calisthenics hypertrophy course
1:38 Introduction/Background
2:29 Isolation/Compound and Mechanics of Exercise
5:53 Exercise Selection/Examples of Superior Exercises
9:51 Hypertrophy Training Rules
10:18 Rep Ranges
12:14 Ultimate driver of muscle growth
13:10 Rest Times
13:20 Training Schedules
14:28 Scaling Exercises
15:03 Diet
16:57 Sleep
17:25 Stretching
17:51 Hormones
18:26 Bringing it all together
18:38 Closing

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