StrengthRedmi Smart Band Pro Complete Scientific Review.

Redmi Smart Band Pro Complete Scientific Review.

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Intro: This is the Redmi Smart Band Pro, the cheapest smartwatch I have reviewed in months. However, its performance might surprise you, because as we’ve seen in my previous videos, the price of a watch does not always reflect its quality. In this video I’ll scientifically test the Smart Band Pro from a health-tracking perspective. And, I have to say, for the price, the watch might be a good choice for quite some people. I’ll first show you the things it was good at, then I’ll move on to the things that were mediocre [point], and I’ll close off with the things it did not do so well.

First, let me share the most important background information on this watch. On the surface there is a lot to like about this watch. Though prices vary, I bought it for an equivalent of about 50 dollars, which is surprisingly cheap. The display of the watch is quite beautiful and comes in at 1.47 inches. The watch has no physical buttons, but the touchscreen is really responsive and easy to use. Compared to for instance the original Mi Watch Lite, which had a similar looking menu, the touch capabilities of the Redmi Smart Band Pro are much improved. The Smart Band Pro is pretty light, weighing just 15 grams, and as is true for most modern smartwatches, it is waterproof up to 5 atmospheres. The watch has many of the features we have come to expect from smart bands and watches: it has 24-hour Heart Rate Monitoring, it can measure your blood oxygen saturation or SpO2 and tracks your sleep stages and sleep quality. The band also claims to monitor your stress levels. Now, I won’t test that feature in this video, but I personally have some doubts about its accuracy and usefulness. I couldn’t find a real description of how this works, but on Reddit and Quora people mentioned it was likely based on heart rate variability. Honestly, I can’t say much more without proper testing and more information, but my gut feeling is that the technology and algorithms underlying this stress monitoring feature of the Smart Band Pro still need to be developed further. One other feature that could be valuable to women is Female Health tracking, where the band predicts and tracks the transitions of the “female cycle stages”, as Redmi calls it. NowI should mention that the Smart Band Pro does not include a temperature sensor, which does likely limit the accuracy of such a feature. The app used for the Smart Band Pro is the Xiaomi Wear App on android and the Xiaomi Wear Lite App on iPhone. This app is pretty basic, but works fine for the most part. I honestly liked the original Mi Fit app better, and I don’t really understand why they insist on filling half of the starting screen with some random avatar, but it works fine. For a few months now the app also includes Strava integration and the app also connects to Apple Health. Especially this Strava integration is super helpful, though I did notice that if I started a GPS based exercise without taking my phone with me, these activities won’t sync to Strava; so be aware of that.


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