StrengthGymshark CEO: How I Built A $1.5 Billion Business At 19: Ben...

Gymshark CEO: How I Built A $1.5 Billion Business At 19: Ben Francis | E112

This weeks episode entitled ‘Gymshark CEO: How I built A $1.5 Billion Business At 19:’ topics:

0:00 Intro
02:18 Your early years
15:16 Co-founders
18:15 Developing yourself personally & within Gymshark
36:00 The Worst Character traits in business
38:34 Learning how to speak infront of people & a camera
45:57 Why are you vlogging inside gymshark?
51:06 Gymshark through the pandemic
58:32 What do you wish you knew sooner in business?
01:03:42 Struggles with business personally
01:13:57 The future of Gymshark
01:27:19 Advice for young entrepreneurs
01:33:34 The last guests question


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