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Guided Relaxing Study Music [CHANGE SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS] | Study with Alex

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Relaxing study music with guided affirmations is the ideal background music to help you to study, focus and change your beliefs as you learn. Use this study music to help you prepare for exams, tests or learning in general. This study music will help to reduce stress, develop an open mindset, overcome challenges and create new solutions to any problems as these affirmations will seep into your unconscious as you consciously focus on what you are learning. Become an even more abundant, peaceful and happy version of yourself whilst you revise!

This relaxing and soothing music for studying will enable you to focus at work and as you study for exams. You can use this relaxing study music just as background music or even as meditation music. Condition your mind and body as you revise or study, so that you believe in and expect even better opportunities and possibilities. Enjoy your studying and good luck!

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