StrengthGarmin Vivosmart 5 In-Depth Review: 11 New Things to Know

Garmin Vivosmart 5 In-Depth Review: 11 New Things to Know

Is the Vivosmart 5 worth it? I dig into all the new features, accuracy, and how it compares to the Fitbit Charge 5

It’s been nearly four years since Garmin last released a Vivosmart model – the Vivosmart 4. But the counter resets again today with the new Vivosmart 5, which brings incremental hardware changes to the model – including a button, a larger display, and swappable bands. The hardware changes largely end there. Almost everything else is subtle and minor software tweaks – such as iterating on the sleep algorithm to match Garmin’s other newer devices. However, they also removed one notable feature: Stair tracking.

I’ve been putting the Vivosmart 5 through its paces, trying to figure out how it performs, and perhaps more notably – how it compares to others in the market. As you’ll see later in my summary, this is a tricky device that maybe shouldn’t have happened. While there are certainly numerous improvements that easily make it better on the whole than the Vivosmart 4, one would also hope that was the case four years later.

0:00 Quick Overview
0:43 Increased Size & Display
1:29 New Dedicated Button
1:59 Swappable straps
2:11 Sleep Tracking Widgets
2:41 Morning Report
3:13 New Activity/Sport Profiles
3:33 Respiration Rate
3:53 Safety, Live Tracking, and Incident Detection
4:56 Broadcast HR to Apps
5:15 New charging port
5:33 Stair Tracking Removed
5:43 Day to Day Usage Overview
10:31 Garmin Connect Overview
12:26 Heart Rate & GPS Accuracy
13:54 Fitbit Charge 5 Comparison

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