StrengthFM22 Training Guide - Individual Training Masterclass for Football Manager

FM22 Training Guide – Individual Training Masterclass for Football Manager

Today, Leyodemus will guide you through his latest Player Development Masterclass, with this FM22 training guide focused on INDIVIDUAL TRAINING in Football Manager! This video will give you all the information you need to develop those FM22 WONDERKIDS to perfection, along with some general TIPS about training intensity and workload in FM 22!

Coming up in future episodes of this TRAINING GUIDE series: team training, Leyo vs AI, … In short: everything you need to MASTER your training in Football Manager 2022!


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(Leyodemus uses the Rensie skin)


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0:00 Intro
1:26 General Setup
7:16 Workload Explained
11:59 Position Training
16:42 Additional Focus
19:21 Player Traits
24:21 Follow-up
27:29 Outro


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