StrengthAQA GCSE PE 2022 Revision: Paper 1

AQA GCSE PE 2022 Revision: Paper 1

Physical education teaching is our speciality! This session focuses on the content and skills required for the AQA GCSE Physical Education 2022 Paper 1 exam.

This session covers the following content:
● Antagonistic pairs and the impact on movement at joints
● Blood vessels
● Mechanics of breathing
● Lung volumes: Interpretation of a spirometer trace
● Use of aerobic and anaerobic exercise at different intensities
● Long-term (months and years) effects of exercise
● Lever systems and mechanical advantage: Analysis of basic movements in sporting examples
● Linking sports and physical activity to the required components of fitness
● Reasons for an limitations of fitness testing
● Warning up and cooling down

You will find the session notes, practice questions, mark schemes and model answers on our AQA GCSE revision page:

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