StrengthAll you need to KNOW BEFORE BUYING the Fitbit Charge 5!

All you need to KNOW BEFORE BUYING the Fitbit Charge 5!

Fitbit Charge 5 is the best all around fitness tracker under $200, let’s find out why! (USA) (CAD) (UK)

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Disclaimer
0:41 Beautiful OLED Display
1:20 Watchfaces
2:38 Battery life
3:26 Improved charger design
4:20 Comfort and fit
5:09 Passive auto-workout detection
7:26 GPS accuracy
8:04 Build quality and design
8:58 No more side button
9:43 Digital wellbeing
10:24 Luxurious haptics
11:11 UI navigation
12:08 Notifications (for Android)
13:53 Fitbit phone and browser apps
15:35 EDA Sensor
16:15 Sleep tracking, spo2 accuracy
22:18 Smart alarm
23:08 My cons or deal breakers
26:44 Fitbit Premium value proposition
28:10 Fitbit Premium worth it?
29:49 Caveats for this review
30:36 Conclusion and final thoughts

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