StrengthAchieve Your Final Form: The Road to Peak Performance

Achieve Your Final Form: The Road to Peak Performance

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How do you achieve your final form? How do you maximise your potential?

The answer is not some obscure form of training or secret technique! It’s not even down to anything physical.

Rather, the extent to which you fulfil your potential is far more a product of mindset. Your ability to adapt to challenges, to learn from those around you, and to approach your training in a smart way with a long-term mindset… those are the things that will truly determine your success.

I’ve had some setbacks in my training over the last few months, but I’ve still managed to make some progress in key areas by keeping these things in mind. By staying the course!

This video is intended to act as a kind of blueprint or roadmap, to help you fulfil your ambitions. Let me know if I missed any key strategies you guys use. How are you working towards your final forms?

Also, I did it all in CGI. Because why not?

Fun fact: no one in Dragon Ball Z ever said “This isn’t even my final form.” Now you know!


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