PilatesProp Breakdown with Courtney Miller

Prop Breakdown with Courtney Miller

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In my Pilates With Heart Series On The Mat, you’ll see that I’m using a few different props, and you can choose to use them or sub of them out for something different. In my Heat class, I’m using two eight pound weights, and that’s about three and a half kilos. It’s pretty heavy, but the idea is to get that muscle fatigue going. In Empower, I’m just using one weight and I’m focusing more on stability. You’ll also find these gliders in the Empower class.

These are so fun to use. If you don’t have a set, you might want to pick them up, otherwise you can use a towel or even a paper plate to substitute. In the classes, when I use these, I also give you option to use nothing at all. You’ll find that I’m using an overball in the class. Make sure it’s a decent size that can support the shape of your spine.

And lastly, you’ll find me using the booty band in Tone. This is about a medium resistance band, not too, too heavy. What I’d like you to do is go through the series using the props that you have available to you, but then you can always come back and switch things out. So maybe incorporate that booty band in Heat or maybe use that ball a little bit more in Tone. Have fun with it, be creative and keep coming back.

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