NutritionThe Very Best Lunch Boxes For Kids

The Very Best Lunch Boxes For Kids

These lunch boxes for kids are durable, fun, and make packing easy. See our favorites in four different categories so you can find the best one for your kid.

Picking a lunch box can feel a bit overwhelming. And finding the right one can involve some trial and error: One is too cute for words–but your kid can’t get the lid open. Another has too many parts and pieces for your kindergartener to keep track of. And some are just a royal pain to wash.

We’ve test-driven a lot of lunch boxes for kids over the years, and narrowed them down to our four favorites. These are the ones that have been used day after day because they’re practical, durable, and work for all kinds of foods.

I hope this list will help you cut through the overwhelm and find the lunch box that works best for you and your kid (and isn’t a royal pain to wash!).

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Very Best Lunch Boxes For Kids

Best Lunch Box For Tweens & Teens: EasyLunchboxes

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What I like about EasyLunchboxes:

  • They work for all ages but my teens don’t see them as “little-kid” and happily take them to school.
  • They’re low-cost and durable.
  • They’re dishwasher safe (on top rack) and microwave safe.
  • They come in a set of four, so you’ll always have a clean container to grab. They also nest in a cupboard or drawer.
  • They fit perfectly in our Land’s End soft-sided lunch bags.
  • They’re easy to open, even for little kids, and the lids come in a variety of colors.

Any drawbacks? They’re not leak-proof. We got a set of their Mini Dippers containers for sauces and dips.

Approximate Cost: $14 for 4 containers/Find It: EasyLunchboxes (there are a lot of knock-offs, so be sure you’re getting the real deal!)

Best Leak-Proof Lunch Box: BentGo

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What I Like about the BentGo:

  • It’s leak-proof.
  • It comes in two sizes: one for younger kids (ages 3-8) and one for older kids and adults.
  • It’s durable, with a two-year warranty and rubber-coated edges to protect it if it’s dropped.
  • The tray lifts out and is dishwasher safe (on the top rack).
  • It fits into our Lands’ End soft-sided lunch bags.
  • It comes in a multiple colors and prints.
  • The latches are easy enough for young kids to open.

Any drawbacks? The hinges on ours did eventually snap off, but only after a few years of use.

Approximate Cost: $25-30/Find It: Amazon

or BentGo

Best Space-Saving Lunch Box: LunchBots

What I Like about LunchBots:

  • It’s a stainless steel kids lunch box (adults can use it too of course!) that’s simple and durable.
  • It comes in several different sizes and configurations, so you can find one that’s right for your kid as well as for you.
  • You can cram a surprising amount of food inside these, especially if you use reusable silicone muffin cups to divide the compartments even further.
  • It fits in our Lands’ End soft-sided lunch bags.

Any drawbacks? They’re not leak-proof but some models come with leak-proof containers, sold separately.

Approximate Cost: $15-40 depending on size/ Find It: Amazon

or LunchBots

Best Splurge Lunch Box: PlanetBox

What I Like about the PlanetBox:

  • It’s a stainless steel bento box for kids (or adults!) and comes with a five-year warranty.
  • It comes in three sizes: The Rover, which comes with two leak-proof “dipper” containers, is their most popular size.
  • It’s a real beauty (and I love the little “treat” compartment in the center!).

Any drawbacks? It’s pricey. It also doesn’t fit in our soft-sided lunch boxes. They sell PlanetBox carry bags and sleeves for $10-14.

Approximate Cost: $25-$50/Find It: PlanetBox

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