Nutrition40+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Teens

40+ Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Teens

Need some healthy breakfast ideas for teens? Here are 40-plus meals for inspiration, including lots of make-ahead options!

Breakfast may not be your teen’s favorite meal of the day, especially when they’re bleary-eyed and crabby at 6:30am on a school day.

But your teenager needs to fuel their morning, not to mention all the enormous growth happening. So if they’re burnt out on ideas, here’s tons of inspiration. And if they claim “But there’s no time!”, we’re going to make it easy.


What’s a healthy breakfast for teens?

  • Satisfying: Protein, fat, and fiber all help breakfast have staying power and last them until lunch.
  • Bone-building: Teens have higher calcium needs in this intense period of growth and change. Sources like dairy and fortified non-dairy milk, yogurt, fortified OJ, fortified cereal, and cheese can help them get what they need.
  • Fast & easy: Kids don’t have a lot of time on weekdays, so if it’s not easy (and preferably portable) it may not get eaten. Consider making breakfast items in bulk on the weekend. Ideally, have your teen help or even take the lead!
  • Key nutrients: Teens need nutrients for the major growth and development that’s happening. Here are some they may be lacking, and some breakfast foods that contain them:
    • Iron (girls): Fortified cereal, beans
    • Protein (girls): Yogurt, beans, nut butter
    • Folate (girls): Enriched grains, spinach, oranges, bananas
    • Vitamin B6 (girls): Cottage cheese, chickpeas
    • Vitamin B12 (girls): Milk, yogurt, smoked salmon
    • Phosphorus (girls & boys): Yogurt, cheese, cashews
    • Magnesium (girls & boys): Chia seeds, almonds, edamame, peanut butter
    • Choline (girls & boys): Eggs, beef, beans,
    • Fiber (girls & boys): Whole grains, oats, fruits and vegetables

Hot Breakfast Ideas For Teens


  • Make-Ahead Egg Muffin or Bagel Sandwich (MAKE-AHEAD)
  • Make-Ahead Breakfast Burritos: Top burritos with scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of cheese, roll up tightly and wrap in foil. Reheat in toaster oven or oven. (MAKE-AHEAD)
  • Make-Ahead Scrambled Egg Muffins (MAKE-AHEAD)
  • Egg-in-a-Hole: Cut out a hole from the center of buttered bread, place it in a pan and crack an egg in the center, flipping and cooking until egg is at desired doneness.

Reheated dinner leftovers: Put them in single-portion glass containers they can reheat in the microwave. (MAKE-AHEAD)

Pancakes + Waffles

  • Homemade Pancake Mix: Make a batch of pancakes on the weekend to reheat in the toaster oven or microwave during the week. (MAKE-AHEAD)
  • Make-Ahead Whole Wheat Waffles: Eat with syrup or spread nut or seed butter on top and add sliced fruit. (MAKE-AHEAD)
4 Make-Ahead Breakfasts For Busy Mornings -- Real Mom Nutrition
Homemade waffle spread with nut butter


  • Make-ahead oatmeal packets: Pulse 1 cup quick oats in a blender until it forms a powder. Combine oat powder with two cups quick oats. Place half-cup portions into bags or containers with 1 teaspoon brown sugar and your choice of toppings like freeze-dried fruit, nuts, seeds, cocoa powder, or peanut powder. (MAKE-AHEAD)

Crepes: Make a batch for the whole week. Fill with Nutella or nut butter and fruit or with scrambled eggs. (MAKE-AHEAD)

Whole Wheat Crepes

Cold Breakfast Ideas For Teens

How Do You Know Who To Trust?
  • Banana Split: Cut a banana in half length-wise and top with nut butter and granola
  • Avocado Toast (option: add a fried egg on top)
  • Cold pizza or sandwich
Avocado Toast Obsession -- Real Mom Nutrition
Avocado Toast

PB&J or SB&J (SunButter + Jelly)

Muffins (MAKE-AHEAD)

Cinnamon Sugar Muffins
Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

Quick Breads: Smear slices with nut or seed butter for extra protein. (MAKE-AHEAD)

Fun Toasts!
  • Toasts: Spread with nut or seed butter and cover with sliced strawberries or bananas
  • Yogurt Parfait: Layer yogurt with granola or cereal and fruit in a glass or in a bowl, top with chia seeds for extra fiber.
  • Cottage cheese + fruit
Yogurt Bowl w/ Fruit + Seeds

Overnight Oats: Combine 1/2 cup old-fashioned oats and 1 cup milk (dairy or non-dairy) in a small mason jar. Cover and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Add choice of toppings in the morning, like sliced fruit, spoonful of nut or seed butter, or drizzle of honey or maple syrup. (MAKE-AHEAD)

Trail Mix: Store-bought or make your own by combining nuts, seeds, whole grain cereal, and dried fruit.

Snack Bars + Balls (MAKE-AHEAD)

Nut-Free Chocolate Chip Oat Bars
Nut-Free Snack Bars

Cereal or Granola with milk or yogurt

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