Motivation40 Min Arms and Shoulders Workout - HASfit

40 Min Arms and Shoulders Workout – HASfit

Intermediate Difficulty with Advanced Modifications provided

Get ready to gain strength and lean muscle with this 40 minute arms and shoulders workout. It’s designed to be used at home or the gym. This exercise routine only requires a pair of dumbbells and a chair. It is perfect for both women and men. You may want to have a couple of pairs of dumbbells ready, so that you can change up your weight as needed.

Arms and Shoulders Workout

Part 1: Arms
A1: 1 ½ Reverse Curl x 10
A2: 1 ½ Chair Dip / Knees Bent x 10
B1: Drag Curl x 10
B2: Reverse Triceps Kickback x 10
C1: One Arm Preacher x 10
C2: One Arm Triceps Extension x 10
D1: Zottman Curl Burnout x 30 sec
D2: Manual Triceps Extension / from Knees x 30 sec
Part 2: Shoulders
E1: Arnold Press x 10
E2: Iso 90 Shoulder Hold x 20 seconds
F1: Side Raise + Pulse x 8
F2: Kneeling Reverse Shoulder Extensions x 10
G1: Straight Arm Reverse Delt Fly x 10
G2: Upright External Rotation x 10

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