Fitness30-Minute Tabata Then vs. Now With Raneir Pollard

30-Minute Tabata Then vs. Now With Raneir Pollard

Join Supernatural coach Raneir Pollard for a 30-minute Tabata then vs. now bodyweight workout joined by Ellie Aviles and Madisyn Maniff. In this routine, Pollard revisits the program from his most popular Class Fitsugar Tabata workout from 6 years ago, except this time he’s turning up the intensity even more! This high-energy routine will keep your heart rate up with intervals of narrow squat to side-step back jacks, thrusters, lunge jumps, and a series of lunge pulses with a stanky-leg twerk. This leveled-up workout proves that, like a fine wine, Pollard only gets better with time. No equipment is needed for this one, but you might want to grab a water and a towel for this one, because you are gonna sweat!

Revisit Pollard’s Original 30-Minute Tabata Workout:

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Pollard’s outfit: Alo Yoga
Shoes: APL

Aviles’s outfit: Vuori
Shoes: APL

Maniff’s outfit: Old Navy
Shoes: APL

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