Fitness30-Minute No-Repeat Cardio Workout

30-Minute No-Repeat Cardio Workout

Get ready to work out with fitness trainer Natalie White, who will be leading this 30-minute no-repeat workout joined by Luisa Fonseca and Dustin Ripkens! In this routine, you’ll start off with some deep breaths followed by a sequence of skips, arm circles, and squats that are sure to get your blood flowing. This high-intensity cardio workout is sure to keep your heart rate up with a series of jump squats, quick feet, leg kicks, and so much more! This routine includes plenty of advancements and modification, so be sure to take breaks in between if needed. All you need is a mat to get started!

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White’s outfit: Vuori set
Shoes: APL

Fonseca’s outfit: Old Navy
Shoes: APL

Ripken’s outfit:
Top: Four Laps
Shorts: Fabletics
Shoes: APL

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