Fitness10-Minute Cardio Barre Fusion With Nikki Nie | POPSUGAR FITNESS

10-Minute Cardio Barre Fusion With Nikki Nie | POPSUGAR FITNESS

Join Class Fitsugar trainer Nikki Nie and class members Paris Nicole and Ellie Aviles for a fun and quick workout that combines traditional barre movements with cardio bursts. You’ll get centered and ready with a quick warmup, followed by ballet-inspired movements like grand pliés, dégagés, relevés, and chassés that will make you feel like a prima ballerina in no time! And don’t sweat it if you’ve never taken a dance class (or a French class) — Nie and her class members have plenty of modifications that will help you keep up and get the most out of the routine.

Nie’s outfit: Jolyn
Shoes: APL

Aviles’s outfit: Varley
Shoes: APL

Nicole’s outfit: Gymshark
Shoes: APL

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