FashionStriking Rapper-Designed Sneakers : Let Me Be Enchanted

Striking Rapper-Designed Sneakers : Let Me Be Enchanted

The ‘Let Me Be…Enchanted’ collection follows Cardi B’s recent ‘Let Me Be…In My World Nighttime’ collection in cooperation with Reebok. The open concept accentuates her eccentric flair with a new footwear and apparel line. Cardi B has showcased three collections in partnership with Reebok since joining the team in 2018.

Cardi lent her creativity to the ‘Freestyle Hi,’ resulting in the ‘Freestyle Hi Cardi,’ which incorporates transparent straps and a tongue logo. The silhouette uses ‘Glass Blue,’ ‘Quartz Rose,’ and ‘Moonstone’ shades. The pair accompanies a faux fur jacket that releases alongside it and is found in an ‘Ultra Berry’ colorway. The ‘Cardi Leotard 2-in-2’ is a combination of a pastel blue unitard and matching bandeau. Finally, the artist has also altered the ‘Classic Leather,’ with the ‘Classic Leather x Cardi B V2’ completing the drop.

Image Credit: Reebok

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