FashionRock Star-Backed Apparel : liam gallagher

Rock Star-Backed Apparel : liam gallagher

Liam Gallagher is launching a collaborative collection to celebrate the release of his newest album ‘C’Mon You Know.’ The collection will feature items designed by Gallagher himself, including multiple upcycles jacket styles, smocks, parka, anorak, and a bucket hat. Additional pieces are designed by Manchester Fashion Institute contest winners Niamh, Haripraba Thavanendran, and Aoife Dobson.

The pieces arrive in multiple vibrant color options, including mustard, fire truck red, azure, and brown camo. Liam Gallagher’s management team commented on the capsule, stating: “We are delighted to be partnering with the iconic Selfridges store for these unique events, that celebrate Liam’s style, with limited edition pieces from brands […] that have been part of Liam’s story since the beginning. We are also very happy to be collaborating with Manchester Fashion Institute, inspiring the next generation of innovators and creatives.”

Image Credit: C/O Liam Gallagher

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