FashionRapper-Designed Hi-Top Sneakers : Soulja Boy

Rapper-Designed Hi-Top Sneakers : Soulja Boy

Rapper Soulja Boy has announced the launch of his own footwear line called Soulja Stars. The new line will launch with its first high-top sneaker silhouette, which resembles a mix between a pair of Converse and Air Jordans. The sneakers, officially dubbed the ‘Soulja Stars Fashion Stars Hi Tops,’ arrive in three colorways: White/Black, Green/Black, and Black/Yellow.

The rapper has developed the sneaker in partnership with AliveShoes, a platform dedicated to helping professionals launch new shoe lines from scratch. The shoes themselves boast an eye-catching design featuring leather uppers, metallic star-patterned velcro straps, and a transparent ‘$OULJA’ label printed on the tongue. Meanwhile, the sneakers’ midsole is draped with a rubber construction that wraps upwards towards the ankles.

Image Credit: Alive Shoes

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