FashionOnline Fashion Apps : musinsa

Online Fashion Apps : musinsa

‘MUSINSA,’ the online South Korean fashion store, announced that it is entering the Singaporean market with a new mobile app. MUSINSAis currently the largest South Korean fashion platform, with its e-commerce platform stocking more than 8,000 brands. Additionally, the platform sees an average of 4 million monthly active users. On top of this, MUSINSA is endorsed by numerous high-profile K-Pop stars, such as BLACKPINK and EVERGLOW members.

With the rise of K-Pop, K-Drama, and K-Fashion overseas, Musinsa’s expansion is an excellent way to address this market in Singapore. The South Korean impact on the fashion industry is undeniable as the K-Pop and K-Drama media formats continue to grow in international pop culture. The MUSINSAapp will launch in Singapore on September 22nd. However, it is expected that the e-commerce brand will continue to expand if it is successful in this market.

Image Credit: MUSINSA

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