FashionKickboxer-Inspired Varsity Jackets : tenshin nasukawa

Kickboxer-Inspired Varsity Jackets : tenshin nasukawa

VERDY and NIGO have designed a new varsity jacket for Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa. The fighter was recently crowned victorious at ‘The Match 2022’ at Tokyo Dome, and the jacket was designed as a way to expand the collection of themed merch released for the event. The HUMAN MADE varsity jacket was designed by VERDY and features “TEAM TENSHIN” text on the chest and back, as well as Cygames branding underneath a chenille dinosaur graphic on the rear.

The jacket also celebrates Tenshin Nasukawa’s departure from competitive kickboxing after the athlete announced his retirement in 2021 in order to pursue boxing. The HUMAN MADE Varsity Jacket for Tenshin Nasukawa can be viewed in the photos above.

Image Credit: VERDY

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