FashionK-Pop-Inspired Clothing Lines : new peaceminusone

K-Pop-Inspired Clothing Lines : new peaceminusone

The iconic K-pop star G-Dragon has released a new PEACEMINUSONE line of clothing inspired by the artist’s history. G-Dragon rose to global fame as a member of the K-pop group ‘BIG BANG’ throughout the 2000s. While the group is not as active as it once was, each of the individual members has their own successful career. This new PEACEMINUSONE line contains references and styles inspired by these members.

Included in this new collection are a bomber jacket, bandana pouch, pins, a leather pouch, and two key chains. The bomber jacket is the most notable drop in this collection as the others are small accessories. The bomber is dark green and has two daisy flowers on the sleeves that are missing one petal. The collar of the jacket is bright yellow, and the front of the jacket contains various labels for PEACEMINUSONE as well as a graphic of several bombs being dropped. The back of the bomber, though, contains a ‘no signal’ graphic inspired by ‘T.O.P,’ a member of BIG BANG, who gained an association with the no signal art after his presentation for the ‘0.TO.1’ concert in Hong Kong in 2017.

The bomber, which is the most expensive in the collection, is priced at $612 USD.


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